The Intent Way –

The Intent Way is about looking through the eyes of the metaphysical, where the magical spark of healing comes through creativity and Intent. 

It is all about the place we exist apart from the physical body and when resolve and balance take place there, healing happens in the physical and in all areas of the life. 

When you step into the realm of the artist, the places you go, the things you see, worlds of adventure open up to you, you see beyond the here and now, and all the busy that surrounds you. You are transported to places unknown and forgotten, where things are made right and healing takes place! 

You are in the realm of the ethereal, full of possibilities!

Lois Hawk –

Lois Hawk was born to shine in her creative abilities. She inherited artistic talent from both her parents, and her grandmother, enabling her to see the world through the eyes of, “if you think it, you can create it” lenses. 

Through her illustration’s and poetry Lois is bringing awareness to the energies surrounding the planet, humanity, the animal kingdom, and the invisible realm. 

Being an Intuitive Healer, she loves utilizing her intent to vibrationally add love and healing to each of her pieces bringing peace and understanding through each of her creative endeavors. 

She loves working with the Angels and Elementals, using different media, especially watercolor, ink and natural products such as wine, coffee, spices and teas to create one of a kind works of art.

Lois has worked with computer graphics, illustrated books, and done commissions for business logos, paintings, and researching and creating a family crest of her father’s Irish side of the family. 

She sells originals and prints of her completed work. 

Sharleen Guille –

Sharleen Guille is a naturally born accomplished artist, her creative abilities have been outstanding since she was a child. From creating artwork for her school when young, winning the National Temperance Poster Contest in the eighth grade, to teaching others to shine in their artistic endeavors. 

She taught creative art in the community and in many schools for years, working with children and adults of all ages, as well as being a preschool teacher, instilling the creative spark and joy to little ones.

Her artwork has been featured in shows in Idaho, including her own gallery showing of rock and roll paintings in Venice California. 

She has sold commissions throughout the US, always willing to expand her horizons with joy through her artistic abilities.

Though she has worked with many media throughout the years, her enjoyment now is working with oils and acrylics.